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7 Seeds Relationship Chart

So I was following this mangafox thread on favorite 7 Seeds ships and it inspired me to make a love chart of all the current relationships (as they stand RIGHT NOW) in 7 Seeds. Hoo boy are the main relationships tangled! Warning: Don't look at this post unless you're up to date on 7 Seeds! Plenty of spoilers below.

7 Seeds Relationship Chart

7 Seeds Relationship Chart

(Click on the image to see it in its original size.)

Dayummm is this complicated. I thought there would be some standalone love triangles but literally everything is interconnected!! Except Team Autumn, they seem to be off doing their own thing. Or it might just be because they haven’t had as much contact with the other teams so far… Now that I look at it, who are Gengoro and Ban going to be paired with? Fujiko and Akane? (Or maybe Chisa?) Everyone else seems to be taken… I actually wouldn’t mind Ban/Ayu. TBH I am not a fan at all of Ayu/Aramaki, her jealousy seems really childish IMO. But you know who I would really love to see? Sakuya/Nijiko. She’s so hard to read and Sakuya is so sly and devious, I think they would make an awesome couple.

Anyways, this was just for funsies. Let me know in the comments if you liked it! Also, you may want to check out my other post analyzing the psychology behind Kaname and Summer A 🙂

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Love Chart w/Teams

A version with the teams clearly labelled just for reference.

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4 Comments on 7 Seeds Relationship Chart

  1. Well that must have been long and complicated to do. If i counted right there should be a guy or two that would either way stay single or wait to the next generation since there is more boys than girls.

  2. Yeah I’m not sure if the deaths in Winter messed the count up… or if there were just more boys to begin with. I hope the project planners weren’t thinking that it’s possible for multiple boys to impregnate one girl! O_O

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Kaname and/or Aramaki ended up permanently single though.

  3. It seems pretty clear that, for better or worse, Aramaki is going to end up with Ayu. I was actually kind of hoping for Hana to end up with Aramaki just to see what sort of impact it would have on Arashi.

    As for other couples that don’t currently exist but are pretty much certain, Natsu x Semimaru and Matsuri x Ryou come to mind. I would be extremely surprised if neither of those end up coming to fruition.

  4. I would LOVE if Natsu ends up with Ango- He cares for her without being mean about it or even, embarrassed.

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