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Webtoon Recap: Hooky, Ch 78

November 17, 2016

As expected, the Dani/Nico crew got through just fine. I wasn’t expecting the mustache on Dani though, that was a cute surprise. 🙂 And where’d they get a [...]

Webtoon Recap: Hooky, Ch 77

November 15, 2016

So this chapter is a bit of a breather from the Wytte family back to the kids. A lot more happiness in this chapter than we have had so far. First things first, Dani changed [...]

Webtoon Recap: Hooky, Ch 76

November 6, 2016

Hoo boy this was an emotionally packed chapter! Is it just me or has Hooky been getting darker and darker ever since the hiatus? It’s almost as though the original [...]

Manga Review: X

April 29, 2016

For those of you who aren’t familiar with X, also known as X/1999– yes, it’s an old series. And yes, it has been on hiatus for over ten years, and will [...]

CLAMP Series Flowchart

April 21, 2016

Overview It’s the third day of CLAMP theme week! As you may or may not know, CLAMP is a very prolific group and to date they have well over 20 series, many of which [...]

Manga Review: Chobits

April 19, 2016

For the first CLAMP series of the week I’d like to go with an oldie but a goodie – Chobits. On the surface this series is a romantic comedy between an average [...]
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