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Webtoon Recap: Hooky, Ch 78


As expected, the Dani/Nico crew got through just fine. I wasn’t expecting the mustache on Dani though, that was a cute surprise. 🙂 And where’d they get a black cat from?

To be honest, Monica is the biggest problem if you think about it. Most of the others from the castle aren’t on the wanted list, and out of Dani/Dorian/Monica, she definitely has the most distinguishing features of anybody. What’s most fascinating though is that the roles of the twins have now switched. Where Dani used to be the out-of-control one and Dorian was the coolheaded one who was able to salvage various situations, Dorian is now the one making bad decisions, and Dani has actually become the more rational one.

In fact, we see Dani in a great moment of action as she electrocutes the pursuing witches to make them fall. However we also see that her thread of sanity is thinner than we thought… I mentioned before that Dani’s state may be better than Angela’s because she hasn’t gone completely off the deep end yet, but there’s one more thing to consider which is that in Dani’s case, someone actually died. In Angela’s case, she was badly wounded and traumatized for the rest of her life, but everyone survived. Still waiting to see how this parallel between mother and daughter plays out.

IMO Dorian’s bad decision making is in large part due to Monica. C’mon Dorian, you’re really gonna take the suggestion of someone who thought she could pass with a mustache?! But he likes her, so ofc he does.

The fact that it was Monica who was taken means that the tension between the twins is going to escalate in the next chapters. Dorian’s going to have his mind on saving his beloved, and Dani, who considers Dorian the most important to her (recall earlier chapter when she ran past Nico, ran past Mark, ran past Monica to clutch Dorian in her time of distress) is not going to take that well, methinks.

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Also expecting Damien to show up on the scene sometime soon. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Dani joins forces with Damien and her mother and returns to the castle to become Queen of the Witched. I also wouldn’t be too surprised if Damien abandons post, and joins up with Dorian and the others instead. He is going to be rather close to Monica and William after all.

Well, what’s to happen? We will find out soon!

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