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Who is Foxy?


Hello! As you may know, my name is Foxfire. Who am I and what is motivating me to write reviews of all this different manga?

Well, I began reading manga in my preteen years, starting around 12-13. My first love was Inuyasha and it just kept going from there. I joined the scanlation group Be With You Scans in 2004 or 2005 (or was it before? I can’t remember) as a Chinese translator, and amazingly enough that group is still active today, and still pumping out scanlations although the pace has slowed compared to back in the glory days.

Manga has had a strong influence on my life. As one of my side jobs, I work as a Chinese-English interpreter, and I doubt I would have thought to do that if I didn’t spend several years of my life vigorously translating manga for free online.

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Other than that, I am a pretty normal person. I love computers, love writing, and love coffee but am afraid to drink it because my relatives keep telling me it’s bad for the stomach. I am pretty active and love to travel, especially to Asia where there is good food all around and it’s always lively.

My favorite manga? I don’t know if I have one. But all the ones I recommend on this site will be manga I really like, because I’m not going to bother writing reviews for ones that I don’t :p Cheers and happy reading!

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  1. ohmygod i love you HAHA sorry but i’ve been searching for good manga reviews for a really long time and this site is an absolute blessing :’) thanks for taking the time to read manga and write [really insightful] reviews <33 + if you're looking to expand it would be cool if readers could get email updates? especially if you like upload a new review, etc :))

    • Hi Starling! I’m glad to know you enjoy my reviews 😀 If you go to the bottom right corner where it says “subscribe to blog via email” and enter your email there, it should give you email updates whenever there is a new post. Thanks again and enjoy!

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