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Kubera Discussion: Where did Leez’s Village Go?


All right, guys. I wanted to work on my Kubera recaps in peace (and maybe eventually a Kubera review), but the latest chapters have so much going on I just. cannot. resist. So it’s CRAZY THEORY time!! Please note that much of the below are my own conjecture and should not be taken as fact.

The Facts

1. Leez’s Village Disappeared with NO Casualties

I feel like many people have come to forget this fact now that we are so deep in the series, but the fact remains – back in season 1, Lorraine did not detect any casualties with her magic item! Item malfunction? Possibly, but I doubt it. I’m sure the author planted this because it was to have some significance later.

2. Leez’s Father is “Missing,” not Dead

We know that Leez’s father, a strong fighter named Rao Leez, disappeared in the year of N5 on a rescue transport from Planet Carte to Planet Willarv. We also know that when he disappeared, he dropped the god-class item the Neutral Bow. Everyone assumes he is dead, but it is never explicitly stated or confirmed. No body was ever found.

3. Leez Probably Won’t See Her Mother Again

Leez’s mother appeared in her dreams to say goodbye. Much of “future-Leez’s” monologues also show a dark side of her and indicate that she has nothing to live for, though she persists for the sake of persisting. This indicates to me that she will never meet her mother, or any of the villagers from her world again (except possibly Kaz/Haas who escaped)… I mean, at this point, I’m not sure anyone can imagine a “Surprise! We’re actually all fine!” ending.

The Theory

So first things first, I believe that Leez’s father, Rao Leez, was the magician who transported all the survivors from Carte back to Willarv for several reasons.

    1. He was seen on the last transport ship from Carte to Willarv, but was not amongst the survivors when the ship landed. <Season 2 Ch 11 – Blood (6)>
    2. In Brilith’s recollection of famous magicians of Willarv, we learn that an unknown magician used his remaining lifespan to summon Vayu, the god of wind, to move the survivors of Carte to Willarv after the Cataclysm, when all planetary contact had been lost. <Season 1 Ch 64 – The Night It Rained Fire (1)>
    3. The neutral bow, a god-class item, was made for Rao Leez and has his name inscribed on it. It fell to the ground near Kalibloom in N5. This suggests that Rao has a special connection with Vayu, and likely has triple-Vayu birth attributes. We also know that he is likely not triple Kubera because his name is not on Leez’s birthday calendar in chapter 1. <Season 2 Ch 7 – Blood (2)><Season 1 Ch 1 – The Girl with a God’s Name (1)>
    4. Passengers who had seen him on the ship remembered that he was crying and saying he wanted to see Anna and his child, which was very uncharacteristic of him. This indicates that he knew he would not see his wife and child again. <Season 2 Ch 11 – Blood (6)>

I believe that in the year of N5, something happened to disrupt the transport ships and all communications broke down (possibly an aftereffect of the Cataclysm, possibly something more malignant). Rao was onboard at the time and knew what he had to do – it was him, or the whole ship. He couldn’t survive either way. That’s why he was crying. Immediately after, he summons Vayu and asks Vayu to transport everybody safely back to Willarv, which uses up all of his remaining lifespan.

What is unclear to me is why his body was not found amongst the passengers? As far as I know, when a magician dies after summoning, they don’t vanish… there should still be a body. Even if he fell out of the ship I believe his body would still be found somewhere. My theory is that he may have gone to the sura realm. Vayu should be able to take him there, as a god, and they do seem to have a special enough relationship that he might. Although I don’t think he would have had much time left to live even if he did go.

Now, as for Leez’s village, I suspect they were up to something and hiding something from the kids all along. The evidence is as follows:

  1. We know Rao and Anna met in D995 at the fighter’s tournament from the photo on Leez’s desk. She seems to be a renowned fighter with many friends and honestly it’s strange that after that point, she just retires to a remote village to live in relative seclusion. It’s also strange that Rao is not officially married to her and only the closest friends know of her and Leez’s existence. My guess is that something happened in D995 (insight? prophecy?) that prompted them to purposely decide for Leez and Anna to stay hidden. <Season 1 Ch 1 – The Girl with a God’s Name (1)>
  2. Last names. Anna “Haias” has the same last name as Ran’s aunt, the Priest of Resurrection. The guard Peil “Sairofe” actually has the same last name as Ran, and Kaz and Haas “Lehn” have the same last name as Ran’s mother and grandfather. We know the Sairofes are big shots, which means these are actually some relatively important people, gathered in a remote village. Why?
  3. In the very first chapter, Leez’s mother clearly knew something when she sent Leez out to gather mushrooms. That chilling moment of the door closing and shrouding her in shadow makes it absolutely clear, as well as her moment of sadness when Leez says “I love you!”. <Season 1 Ch 1 – The Girl with a God’s Name (1)>
  4. In the first chapter, Roen the guard has a “…!!” moment. On first read it’s easy to assume she is reacting to Leez’s comment about the mushrooms, since she talks about mushrooms right after, but she could also be reacting to hearing about the birthday party – some sort of signal perhaps. After Leez leaves, one of the guards nonchalantly suggests to the other guard that they both attend the party and leave their posts. It would make sense if Roen made the suggestion on purpose because she knew something… <Season 1 Ch 1 – The Girl with a God’s Name (1)>

I believe that some of the adults in the village have been conducting research/some sort of plan in secret and hiding it from Leez the whole time. Her birthday was the date on which the plan had to be executed, and her mother purposely sent her off to the forest for that reason, after which they embarked on a suicide mission to the sura realm which is connected to everything going on with the Power of the Name in some way.

Why the sura realm? I find it incredibly improbable that they would still be somewhere in the human realm, and somehow remain unreported/undocumented to the various cities on Willarv, and most of all without making any contact with Leez. I don’t see what they could possibly want to do on another of the planets, and I’m not sure it’s even physically possible for humans to enter the god realm – nothing of it has ever been mentioned before. We do, however, know that during the Cataclysm some humans were left behind in the sura realm, which means it’s definitely a realm they can access provided they have some means of transport. We also have seen in Leez’s flash-forwards that she will likely eventually end up in the sura realm, engaged in some sort of epic battle, and it would make sense if she discovers at that point what actually happened to her mother, father, and the villagers.

Existing Theories

1. Leez’s Village was a Mirage Created to Protect Her (FALSE)

I don’t believe this one. Sure, it explains how they didn’t show up on the death count, but what about Rao Leez sobbing over Anna on his last days in the transport ship? How was Leez born? She must have had a mother. Her mother’s backstory of being a talented fighter also fits in nicely with how she would have met Rao. On top of that, I’m sure Kaz and Haas had family, and there’s just no fitting explanation for why they would have been “real” with fake family created for them. During Asha’s trial, Mirha had papers documenting the destruction of Leez’s village. When Lorraine goes to investigate, they were also expecting villagers (over 100!). I don’t think a mirage of that scale could possibly exist and go undetected by the larger cities full of magicians. The villagers are real.

2. Leez’s Mother is Shakuntala (FALSE)

Promising but false. To begin with, we don’t see any signs that Leez is a half. I can still fly with that, since Leez has abnormal strength, sometimes demonstrates abnormal powers, and it’s entirely possible that her half powers go undetected thanks to her naivete, but the timing just isn’t right. Leez is born in N0. In the first chapters we see a photo of Rao smiling with Anna in D995, but the relocation of the Gandharva clan doesn’t occur until the Cataclysm, and the Shakuntala we see at that point is definitely still with the clan and definitely not pregnant. So nope, sorry. I suppose time-wise she could be Menaka (Shakuntala’s mother), but I doubt it – they don’t look alike at all.

3. All the Villagers Have Been Resurrected Before (FALSE)

There’s a theory saying if you’ve been resurrected before with hoti visnu, when you die again the second time you won’t show up on the death counter. Makes sense, but for 112 people? I don’t think so. Plus, the spell must have been cast before N0 since Visnu disappeared during the Cataclysm. This means anyone younger than Leez would not be affected and should have died/showed up on the counter… but they didn’t. Did only the children miraculously survive? I don’t think so. Can a whole village of 112 only have 3 children, Leez, Kaz, and Haas? I really don’t think so. So yeah, nope.

4. Leez’s Father is the One Possessing Her (FALSE)

This is actually one of my own theories which arose from the fact that the person possessing Leez says in chapter 171 that he is the one who wishes Leez to be the happiest, which is something we know Rao wants. But I think this is false because the person’s disposition doesn’t seem to match Rao’s. He indicated that if Leez is to live as a pawn, then it would be best for her life to end as soon as possible, but from everything we know of Rao he is a very positive, forward-looking person, and I doubt he would ever say something like that. Additionally, he is a human, so it doesn’t explain how his spirit (or whatever it is) could come to reside within Leez. It seems more likely that the one possessing her is actually Ananta, whom Leez saw in a dream before.

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3 Comments on Kubera Discussion: Where did Leez’s Village Go?

  1. Interesting, but no disscussion about topic here?

  2. Because all season 2 chapters has been translated by now, it is clear that Rao Leez didn’t make to Willarv safe and sound. Due to engine failure (made by Asha) he had to step up and tried to save the transport ship (with success). He used his skills but it was not enough to make it safe for him. All it was foreseen by Visnu, and neccessary for Asha to take great power for herself as a result. Without that Leez would be the one with great power and happy live, and Asha could be at most mere magician. Because Leez has been chosen as well, but by other God than Visnu, probably by Kubera. That is why he met with Leez himself in Atera and gave her option to choose (live or die).

  3. I think that shiva must have told rao to name leez kubera. She may well be the one controlling leez seeing as she’s the enemy of Visnu.

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